The release of the much anticipated version R to the highly successful SV-20 series. This latest addition takes the SV-20 to even greater levels for the manufacture of complex mill turn components.

    With such functions as the B-axis control, Y-axis control for backworking and Star Motion Control, the ability to produce prismatic and complex components can be achieved.

1.Improved Functions and Machining Ability

  • The turret-type tool post can accommodate a 2-spindle type power tool unit with the B-axis control function in a maximum of 4 positions.
  • The tool post for backwarking has an 8-spindle unit with the Y-axis control as standard, all 8 stations have driven tool capability.
  • The ability to mount up to 28 tools in the working area increases machine flexibility.
    The platen power tool motor is increased from 0.5kW (SV-20) to 2.2kW.
  • 2 . Achievement of Higher Accuracy and Rigidity

    The G.B type and N.G.B. type can be changed over. The N.G.B type incorporates a spindle sleeve slide guideway structure for higher spindle rigidity.
    The motors for the main and sub spindles are a built-in type which improves indexing accuracy.

    3. Reduced Machining Time

  • The Star Motion Control System ensures a smooth, uninterrupted tool path and reduces the idle time.
  • The 8-spindle backworking unit with the Y-axis control function realizes efficient main/back overlap machining to improve cycle times.
  • The combination of the gang-type tool post and the turret-type tool post allows simultaneous machining including turning, milling, etc. to contribute to the reduction of cycle time.
  • Gang edge + 8-position turret + Backworking tool post The above composition of the tool post reassures enhanced scalability for complex machining with adequate number of tools.